Market Report: Cocoa spikes over quality concerns

Cocoa prices have increased by more than 10% over the last two weeks on the back of quality issues in Ivory Coast, although port arrivals in the country have overtaken last year’s levels.Liffe cocoa for May delivery was trading at just under GBP2,000 (USD3,207...

Market Report: Barley slips further as currency action weighs in

Movement in local currencies continue to push down export prices across the board, as the barley market also feels the strain of cheaper alternatives.

Analysis: How much longer will Russia keep food ban in place?

There is growing speculation among food and agricultural policy analysts that Russia could soon lift some or all of the sanctions imposed six months ago on the European Union, North America, Australia, and Norw...

Ukraine: Still eyeing China to boost corn exports

As Ukraine’s position of corn exporter has strengthened over the last year, the Black Sea country continues to set its eyes on boosting trade with China and loosening its EU ties.

Weekly Review: Canola futures climb to 7-month high

ICE futures Canada canola contracts hit their highest levels in seven months during the week ended February 25, but ran into resistance to the upside and posted small losses in most months on a week-by-week bas...

Turkish sultana and raisin sales surging ahead

Sultanas Sales of Turkish sultanas and raisins have continued to forge ahead with 233,429 tonnes of raw material registered between September 1 2014 and the end of January 2015. 

USDA highlights upturn in world pistachio output

Pistachio Global pistachio production for 2014/15 is forecast at 608,000 tonnes, up 20% from the previous year as the US, Iran and Turkey enter the on-year of the alternate bearing crop cycle, the USDA said in a new repo...

Australian almond producers see crop as still on track for record levels

Almonds Australian almond producers believe this year’s harvest is still on track to be the country’s biggest crop ever.Harvesting has started in the major growing areas of Sunraysia, Riverland and Riverina this week a...

ICE US Review: Coffee falls with weaker Brazilian real

ICE coffee futures plunged on Wednesday, as the weaker Brazilian currency mixed with generally favourable weather to send the market lower.Reports ind...

ICE Canada Review: Canola drops with spec selling

CANOLA contracts traded on the ICE Futures Canada platform were down at Wednesday’s close, with speculative profit-taking following Tuesday’s gains be...

CBOT Review: Soybeans fall with profit taking

Chicago soybean futures ended five to eight cents US per bushel softer on Wednesday, undermined by profit taking and farmer selling on Tuesday’s rally...

How much soy is being hoarded by Argentine farmers?

In Argentina, a battle over export taxes has farmers defending their fields at night amid accusations that they’re hoarding crops to undermine the gov...

Gum Arabic faces upward pressure on lower than expected new crop yields

Global gum Arabic prices have been subjected to unexpected upward pressure after it was realised that the new crop in Kordofan, Sudan, was not as good...

Russia sees fall in land prices

Average agricultural land values in Russia have decreased by up to 41% on the back of its descending currency.

Egypt makes large quantity US wheat purchase

Egypt purchased 290,000 tonnes of US wheat in a tender for US-origin only supplies

Cold weather continues in the US

The current cold weather pattern is expected to remain in place across the central and eastern US over the next two weeks.

New peanut variety promises disease resistance and other benefits

A new Spanish peanut variety that contains high levels of healthful oleic acid has been released by USDA scientists and university cooperators.

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Canadian wheat bids drop with US futures

Cash bids for Canadian Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat across the Prairies moved lower during the week ended February 20, taking most of their direction from a ...

Vietnamese coffee trade slow after Tet

Sales of robusta coffee in Vietnam have yet to pick up after a long public holiday and prices are stuck near a three-week low.Slow trading in the first half of ...

Dryness building in northern palm areas

Dryness is increasing in palm areas of east central Sumatra, northern and south-eastern Malay Peninsula and north-eastern East Malaysia.

EU compound feed production down last year

Compound feed production in the EU fell to its lowest level since 2011 last year, according to the European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (Fefac).

Mixed spices

Global spice prices still prone to upward pressure in 2015

A comprehensive report from Rotterdam trader Catz International indicates that a number of key spices look set for continued firm prices this year.

Interview: "Managing risk and reputation are key, now more than ever"

Commodities trading companies have increasingly moved to become vertically integrated in recent years, with many of them also having plantations and production ...

Iran: Searching for new trade partners

Iran is looking to strengthen its ties with new partners to boost the country’s agricultural trade while its trade deficit swelled by 3.7 million tonnes in 2014...

Ginger pile

Ginger market looks set for mostly firm trend this year

International dried ginger prices are expected to hold on the firm side over the coming weeks even with a number of new crop arrivals under way.


US almond prices unmoved by slide in export sales

US almond prices have held mostly steady over the last month, Primex International Trading Corporation noted in its latest report on the sector.


QFN Trading poised for expected better pineapple crop

QFN Trading & Agency is cautiously optimistic that supply on pineapple is set to improve soon with Thailand expecting a better spring crop this year.

Shellac in raw form

Shellac producers respond to requests for food safety data

Global shellac manufacturers are collectively in the process of gathering data on the use of shellac E904 in food for toxicological studies.