Palm Oil Price Outlook 2015: Live Coverage

The POC palm oil conference takes place this week in Kuala Lumpur. Delegates and traders around the world are eagerly awaiting what this year hold for palm oil supply, demand and prices, according to the industry's leading experts.The Public Ledger will bring ...

Ivorian cocoa arrivals still strong but could be crop delay

Cocoa arrivals at ports in top grower Ivory Coast reached around 1,204,000 tonnes by March 1 since the start of the season on October 1, up from 1,155,000 tonnes in the same period of the previous season.Export...

EU trumps as world wheat exporter

Wheat exports out of the EU continue to grow, as US sales take a record slump, according to the latest report by the International Grains Council (IGC).

Brazil truck strike still partly ongoing

Road strikes in key Brazilian highways have now subsided, with most roads now unblocked though some disruption continues.

Kernel reports record quarterly earnings

Ukrainian agribusiness Kernel SA reported record quarterly earnings for the three months ended December 31, 2014 (Q2 2015), thanks to strong margins in bulk sunflower oil and a turnaround in its farming divisio...

US almond sellers undeterred by Russian import ban

Almonds Russia's agricultural import ban appears to have had minimal impact on US almond sales, leading industry sources have indicated.

Brazilian late season cashew prices holding firm

Cashews Brazil’s cashew nut market at the start of this year continues to be firm and with “very elevated” farmgate prices.

German grain exports slide y-o-y

Germany’s grain exports slipped to 6.9 million tonnes, below the 8.3 mln tonnes exported last season, according to the German statistics office latest estimates.

Australia on track for record macadamia crop

Australian macadamia growers are on track for a record crop this year, despite damage to farms in central Queensland by ex-Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

Market Report: Cocoa spikes over quality concerns

Cocoa prices have increased by more than 10% over the last two weeks on the back of quality issues in Ivory Coast, although port arrivals in the count...

Market Report: Barley slips further as currency action weighs in

Movement in local currencies continue to push down export prices across the board, as the barley market also feels the strain of cheaper alternatives.

ICE US Review: Coffee ends mixed on pre-weekend trade

ICE coffee futures ended mixed on Friday, as the weaker Brazilian real and favourable weather in the country pressured near-term values while the more...

ICE Canada Review: Canola follows soyoil higher

CANOLA contracts traded on the ICE Futures Canada platform contracts were stronger at Friday’s close, as a rally in CBOT soyoil and month-end position...

CBOT Review: Soybeans mostly higher as soyoil rallies

Chicago soybean futures ended mostly higher on Friday, riding on the coattails of a rally seen in Chicago soyoil futures, analysts said. Values settle...

Russian export tax leads wheat shipments to plummet

Russia's wheat exports have fallen 57% year-on-year in February after the government imposed a tax on the shipments on February 1, the Agriculture Min...

Cocoa deficit seen in 14/15, ICCO

The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) on Friday forecast a global cocoa deficit of 17,000 tonnes in 2014/15 (October-September), compared with a...

China corn imports down 11% on year

China's corn imports fell 11% in January from the year ago month, but shipments from Ukraine soared as suppliers there stepped up loadings to honour c...

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Russia looks to address farming 'credit crisis'

Russia is looking at ways to address a shortage of available credit for farmers ahead of the winter sowing season.

Vietnamese coffee trade slow after Tet

Sales of robusta coffee in Vietnam have yet to pick up after a long public holiday and prices are stuck near a three-week low.Slow trading in the first half of ...

Analysis: How much longer will Russia keep food ban in place?

There is growing speculation among food and agricultural policy analysts that Russia could soon lift some or all of the sanctions imposed six months ago on the ...

EU compound feed production down last year

Compound feed production in the EU fell to its lowest level since 2011 last year, according to the European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (Fefac).

Mixed spices

Global spice prices still prone to upward pressure in 2015

A comprehensive report from Rotterdam trader Catz International indicates that a number of key spices look set for continued firm prices this year.

Interview: "Managing risk and reputation are key, now more than ever"

Commodities trading companies have increasingly moved to become vertically integrated in recent years, with many of them also having plantations and production ...

Ukraine: Still eyeing China to boost corn exports

As Ukraine’s position of corn exporter has strengthened over the last year, the Black Sea country continues to set its eyes on boosting trade with China and loo...

White poppyseeds

Poppyseed market kept in check by lack of Indian buying

Turkish white poppyseed prices remain on the low side due to a lack of demand from India.


US almond prices likely to hold firm despite good bloom

A perfect US almond bloom so far and disappointing shipments in the last few months should have caused the price fall every buyer has been waiting for, but this...


Turkish sultana and raisin sales surging ahead

Sales of Turkish sultanas and raisins have continued to forge ahead with 233,429 tonnes of raw material registered between September 1 2014 and the end of Janua...

Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic faces upward pressure on lower than expected new crop yields

Global gum Arabic prices have been subjected to unexpected upward pressure after it was realised that the new crop in Kordofan, Sudan, was not as good as previo...