The Californian tomato industry has yet to agree to a base price for raw material for the oncoming tomato crop in the country, FOODNEWS sources confirm.

Chinese discount US AJC while Europe waits

China is trying to take advantage of a brief window of opportunity while European AJC supplies have stalled.

Thai pineapple prices up as demand surges

Prices for fresh and canned pineapple could increase even further as Thailand’s estimated total production for this year falls short.

Sparkling wine sales overtake champagne

Italian exports of sparkling wine rose a further 20% last year, and overtook sales of French champagne, marking a record performance for the country.

Indian cashew kernels will remain scarce

Cashews The availability of cashew kernels from India is expected to continue to be limited over the near term, Aldebaran Commodities noted in a report today.

Currency volatility worries Chinese tomato exporters

China’s tomato paste trade remained strong in early 2015, stemming concerns from local exporters who fear a downturn in exports prompted by currency alterations.

Russian embargo six months on: SPECIAL

In conjunction with its sister journals Agra Europe, The Public Ledger and Dairy Markets, FOODNEWS will be spotlighting the still-current Russian emba...

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Low euro could benefit UK vine fruit buyers

The continuing weakness of the euro has had an effect on global sales of dried fruits to European markets, particularly Germany and Holland, and, to a...

Premium fruit juice maker diversifies into snacks

Zola, manufacturer of the Fruits of the World coconut waters and açaí juices in the US, has unveiled a range of chocolate covered dried fruit.

Samoa Tuna Processors plant remains idle

The Atu’u-based Samoa Tuna Processors (SPT), subsidiary of Tri marine International, has not started to function at full capacity, almost three months...

Almond sellers undeterred by Russian ban

Russia's agricultural import ban appears to have had minimal impact on US almond sales, leading industry sources have indicated.

Russian embargo six months on: TIMELINE

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Russian retailers tighten belts as inflation bites

Up to one-third of retailers in the country could go under, according to a new report from the USDA.

Orange juice futures dip sharply in New York

FCOJ futures plunged more than 7% on Tuesday March 3 on general selling. The May contract for orange juice is at 116.90 US cents per pound solids, down 9.85 cen...

Century Pacific allots partial IPO cash for storage facilities

Philippines-based Century Pacific Food (CNPF), whose brands include Century Tuna and Argentina Corned Beef, has allocated about PHP439 million (USD9.9 mln) for ...

Australia looks into stricter labelling after berry scare

Australia may impose stricter country-of-origin labelling requirements for food products following the latest food scare linked to frozen berries packed in Chin...


US sees dwindling supply of Oregon hazelnuts

US hazelnut producers have reported that US supply on the nut is becoming tight as the season progresses and this is exacerbating the underlying global shortage...

Trilateral talks with Russia planned on EU-Ukraine trade deal

The EU, Russia and Ukraine are set to hold trilateral talks over Russian concerns on the economic impact of an EU-Ukraine trade agreement.

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Russian embargo six months on: TIMELINE

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New Polish apple report received with scepticism

A report by a noted Polish expert on the apple industry has put the volume of fruit in Polish coldstores at about 800,000 tonnes: considerably lower than the es...

Chilli Sauce adds to Heinz's spicy range

Heinz is reaching further into the hot sauces sector with the launching of Fiery Sriracha Chilli Sauce, soon after the market debut of a new type of spicy ketch...

Unilever chooses local plant for Ukrainian market

Unilever has started production of mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces under the Calve brand in Ukraine at the local Chumak company, one of Ukraine’s largest produce...

Syriza Greek victory could inspire more anti-austerity groups

Greece has a new left-wing coalition government, led by Alexis Tsipras of Syriza, which is seeking extensive debt-relief from Brussels, having been resounding e...