Prune could prevent bone disease

Bernard Halloran

Global prune producers are hoping that further evidence will come to light over the coming years to lend support to the theory that prunes could be a possible therapy for osteoporosis.

Canner implicated in mushrooms cartel

The European Commission has sent a 'Statement of Objections' to Grupo Riberebro alleging participation in fixing prices of canned mushrooms, the EC stated today.

UPDATED: IQF strawberry offers fall further

Export prices of Chinese frozen strawberries are falling further as of the past week, as some sellers exploit the current low raw material costs and “crazily cheap” freight rates.

Juice 'from local apples' used Chinese AJC

An Australian fruit juice manufacturer and a supermarket chain in the country have both been fined after labelling infractions on private label apple juice.

Brazilian YTD FCOJ exports up on 2014

January-April exports totalled 308,698 tonnes, an increase of nearly 12% over January-April 2014, when Brazil shipped 275,555 tonnes of FCOJ.

OJ decline slowdown looks like false dawn

Last month's slackening of the decline in US retail orange juice sales has been hammered by the latest monthly figures, which show a new steepening of the decline to 8.7%, according to the latest A C Nielsen fi...

Peru completes anchovy fishing quota for 2015

The Peruvian National fisheries society announced that the anchovy fishing quota set for the first season, 2.0 million tonnes, has all been caught.

More than half of peanut crop planted in US

US peanut plantings have continued to edge slightly ahead of year-ago levels with an average of 68% of the crop now planted across the eight key state...

Portuguese tomato paste trade stable in Q1

Portugal delivered lower volumes of tomato paste to its core destinations in Europe in the first quarter of 2015, although overall volumes traded rema...

South Africa to increase prune acreage

South Africa is keen to introduce new areas of prune production over the coming years and thereby boost its annual volumes, but recognises that the mo...

Spain increasing tomato paste trade deliveries

Spain continued its strong export trend of tomato paste in early 2015, shipping over one-quarter more than it did in the previous year.

Russian watchdog warns of bans on canned fish

Russia is considering banning imports of Latvian and Estonian canned fish, LETO reported.

Australian prune industry aims for smooth growth

The Australian prune industry has set its sights on expansion in the years ahead and this growth will be achieved in a controlled, sustainable way, Gr...

EU bluefin tuna 2015 fishing season kicks off

European tuna fishing members are allowed to fish up to 9,372 tonnes of bluefin tuna this season, an 18% increase compared with last year’s quota.

Aggressive pricing for Chinese 2015 tomato paste

Chinese tomato processors are coming forward with aggressive early offerings for new crop tomato paste, slashing their prices compared with last season.

Southern hemisphere citrus exports flat despite bigger crops

Production of citrus in the southern hemisphere is set to grow by 18% to 7.1 million tonnes in 2015, while exports will increase just by 1.7% to 2.6 million tonnes.

Chilean frozen berries buck exports downtrend

Chilean exports of processed fruit and vegetables fell 5% in volume and 8% in value in the first four months of the year, with only frozen and dehydrated produc...

Russian watchdog to resume imports of Moldavian canned fruit

Russian consumer watchdog Rospotrebnadzor is considering to “grant access to the Russian market for Moldavian canned fruit and vegetables,” Russian news agency ...

Huelva fresh berry and fruit exports surge

Fresh berry and fruit exports from Spain’s southern district of Huelva generated EUR125.6 million (USD137.9 mln) between January-February, an increase of 31% on...


Serbian prune producers gaining ground on global markets

Serbia is gaining share in global prune exports, Aleksander Tomic of producer and packer Agranela said at the 15th International Prune Association (IPA) Congres...

EU processors on issues of sourcing from developing countries

Unstable supply chains, lack of standards and reliability have been named as some of the main concerns of EU fruit and vegetable processors when sourcing from d...

Millions of rows of trade data available to subscribers

Use our new Trade Dashboard to view millions of rows of trade data for processed food commodities - from AJC to tomato paste

Tomato puree

Aggressive pricing for Chinese 2015 tomato paste

Chinese tomato processors are coming forward with aggressive early offerings for new crop tomato paste, slashing their prices compared with last season.

Demand for Italian sparkling wine rises further

Sales of Italian sparkling wine rose 12% in the first two months of the year, driven by strong demand in the US, UK and China.

Quarterly revenues decline at Campbell

US canned soup and tomato manufacturer Campbell Soup reported a steady profit situation in the quarter ending May 03 2015, despite sluggishness in overall sales...

Israeli joint venture to increase FCOJ production

Prodalim Group, the Israeli juice supplier and processor, is to double output at its new Brazilian citrus processing plant.

No news alert on Monday May 25

FOODNEWS will not publish a daily news alert on Monday, May 25, owing to the May public holiday in the UK. Normal service, including the daily and weekly news alerts, will resume o...