Prices for raw material across EU tomato origins are set to remain unchanged while other producers are hoping to stave off high costs sustained last year, and California has yet to play its hand.

World almond output rise but exports fall

Almonds Global almond production for 2014/15 is expected to decline, according to a recent USDA report.

Frost threats for US peaches and berries

Farmers are worried about peach and strawberry spring crops as impending freeze is forecast for this weekend, reported

Russia to subsidise domestic fruit farms

The Russian government is to provide up to RUB 6 billion (USD100 million) of support to domestic producers of fruits and berries in 2015-16, according to a spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

Final week for Chilean blueberry crop

The Chilean blueberry harvest is coming to an end as production is expected to reach about 91,000 tonnes for the 2014/15 crop.

Analysis: Walnut market shows no signs of declining

Walnuts The world walnut market looks set for favourable supply this year but that does not mean that prices will come crashing down any time soon.

Serbia sets up new raspberry growers' group

A new umbrella association of more than 20 Serbian raspberry growers’ organisations will be set up in April in a bid to secure higher profits for grow...

Peru's Beta opens frozen asparagus factory

Peru's exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables Complejo Agroindustrial Beta (Beta) opened a new fruit and vegetable freezing plant in the southern Per...

Chicken of the Sea promotes canned wild salmon

The group launched a product line of processed wild salmon to encourage consumption.

Basque Anchovy fishery gets MSC-certified

The Cantabrian fishery is the first to earn a MSC certification in Europe.

Blue Diamond expands capacity at Salida plant

Blue Diamond Growers is boosting the warehouse capacity at its main almond receiving plant by 33%.

Sugal Chile to process tomatoes until April

Sugal Chile produced 550,000 tonnes of tomato pulp in its two Chilean plants (Quinta de Tilcoco and Talca) in the latest season and 85% of the product...

INTERVIEW: Frozen food will 'outperform' rest of the market

The outlook for the frozen food market in the UK is looking positive as economic conditions are improving and consumers’ perceptions are more in line ...

Deal signed with world's biggest guava plantation

Guava growers in Brazil’s Dom Eliseu municipality, which hosts the largest contiguous guava plantation in the world, have signed an agreement to suppl...

Chinese tomato paste sellers slash their offers

Price offers of Chinese tomato paste have been decreasing in recent weeks, although some are doubtful over China’s actual ability to offset the negative impact of the cur...

Chinese forecast of zero AJC carry-over to next season

FOODNEWS has seen a recent Chinese internal assessment of this season’s AJC market in general, and in particular, how it relates to Chinese production, exports and (given...

Weak euro adds to French juice makers' costs

The French fruit juice makers association, Unijus, has warned of prices increases following the recent tumble in value of the euro.

Five day ban on Peru’s anchovy southern fishing

The Ministry of Production (Produce) announced a five day suspension on fishing activity in the southern coast of Peru due to presence of anchovy juveniles, loc...

Australia to hold blueberry summit

Australia will host the 2015 edition of the International Blueberry Organization (IBO) summit later this year.


USDA forecasts strong rise in peanut plantings for 2015

US peanut growers intend to plant 1.48 million acres in 2015, up 9% from the previous year, according to the USDA’s first report on prospective peanut plantings...

Analysis: China's food import boom - can it last?

China has become a major stimulant of the world’s agricultural export industries during the last decade. But with the slowing down of the country’s economic gro...

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Chinese tomato paste sellers slash their offers

Price offers of Chinese tomato paste have been decreasing in recent weeks, although some are doubtful over China’s actual ability to offset the negative impact ...

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Portugal's Frueat looks to export dried fruit snacks to Spain

Portugal’s dried fruit manufacturer Frueat announced plans to start exporting its dried fruit snacks to Spain this month.

California revises further tomato crop forecasts

California has revised further its production intentions for this year’s processing tomato crop to a range of 13.9-14.3 million (short) tons, equivalent to 12.6...

Brazil nuts

EBA successfully completes Brazil nut harvesting

Bolivian-based Brazil nut exporter Empresa Boliviana de Almendras y Derivados (EBA) announced it successfully completed its 2014 campaign with a harvest that to...

Syriza Greek victory could inspire more anti-austerity groups

Greece has a new left-wing coalition government, led by Alexis Tsipras of Syriza, which is seeking extensive debt-relief from Brussels, having been resounding e...