Brazil’s orange juice industry association (CitrusBR) said the country’s processors would produce almost 30% less OJ this season, if the latest 278.9 million box harvest estimate for 2015/16 announced by Brazil’s Citrus Production Defence Fund (Fundecitrus) pr...

Extremadura to contract 24% more tomatoes

Spain’s processing tomato region of Extremadura is forecasting to contract 1.97 million tonnes of raw material in the oncoming crop, according to local associations.

Polish fresh apple exports tumble by 18%

At the mid-way point of the northern hemisphere fresh apple season, Polish fresh apple exports are just over 430,000 tonnes, compared with 525,300 tonnes in September-February last season and over 623,500 tonne...

Cranberry juice prices to be bottoming out

The results from the April Ocean Spray, and information from the US, suggest that the long-awaited turn in cranberry's fortunes is starting to happen.

EU firms on sourcing issues from developing countries

Unstable supply chains, lack of standards and reliability have been named as some of the main concerns of EU fruit and vegetable processors when sourcing from developing countries.

Pistachio Co estimates Iran's latest crop

Pistachios This year’s Iranian pistachio crop has proved to be one of the most challenging ever to come up with an estimate due to fluctuating weather and late fruit drops, The Pistachio Company noted in a May 14 report d...

Spanish tuna canner's sales increase 7%

Calvo, Spain's largest tuna canner by sales, celebrates its 75th anniversary announcing a revenue of EUR765 million (USD851mln) in 2014, 7.4% up compa...

Raspberry crop price talks stalling in Serbia

An agreement has not been reached on an advance price for the 2015 raspberry crop in a meeting between representatives of raspberry growers’ associati...

Juice sector moves towards novel fruits

Juice manufacturers are expanding their offering away from standard fruit juices towards NFC, tropicals, superfruits and vegetables, as consumer deman...

North West Cherry farms expect early crop

The Pacific North West cherry-growing district of the US is expecting to harvest a total of 197,550 (short) tons of cherries this year, equivalent to ...

Armenia’s canned food production up in Q1

Armenia’s canned food production output increased by 1.2% to 614.3 tonnes in the first quarter of the year, compared with the same period the previous...

Pistachios activity running slowly in Europe

European edible nut traders are presently indicating a slow market for pistachios.

Poland delays disposal of apple stocks still further

There is still no sign that Polish apple farmers are opening their doors to dispose of their surplus fruit stocks.

Chilean tomato acreage doubles in two years

Chilean cultivated areas to processing tomatoes have almost doubled over the last few years, according to latest data released by Odepa.

Aggressive pricing for Chinese 2015 tomato paste

Chinese tomato processors are coming forward with aggressive early offerings for new crop tomato paste, slashing their prices compared with last season.

Southern hemisphere citrus exports flat despite bigger crops

Production of citrus in the southern hemisphere is set to grow by 18% to 7.1 million tonnes in 2015, while exports will increase just by 1.7% to 2.6 million tonnes.

WeserGold showcases children drink at PLMA

After winning a lawsuit against rival manufacturer Capri Sun, Riha WeserGold promotes tropical juices in pouches aimed at children.

Starkist sued for under-filled tuna cans

A Californian Court will decide next week whether Starkist has to pay USD12 million into a settlement fund over claims that its tuna cans were under-filled.

USDA buys frozen fruit for assistance programmes

The USDA has purchased volumes of several frozen fruits to employ in child nutrition and domestic food assistance programmes in the country.


Guinea-Bissau apprehends cashew nut smugglers

Guinea-Bissau’s fresh campaign against rampant cashew nut smuggling over the country’s land border with neighbouring Senegal has yielded its first results.

Californian drought has marginal impact on bumper crops

California is in the middle of yet another prolonged drought, with drastic emergency water-saving measures having been introduced in May.

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Tomato puree

Aggressive pricing for Chinese 2015 tomato paste

Chinese tomato processors are coming forward with aggressive early offerings for new crop tomato paste, slashing their prices compared with last season.

FCOJ futures rise on news of smaller Brazilian crop

The July contract rose by over 4% to end at USD1.1335 per pound on the ICE Futures exchange.

Kenyan fraud drills hole in Tiger Brands' financials

Tiger Brands, the South African food processor, has fallen victim to a massive fraud involving its Kenyan subsidiary.


ConAgra Foods resolves peanut butter recall of 2007

ConAgra Foods has announced a negotiated resolution to the peanut butter recall of February 2007 and has declared that its Peter Pan brand of peanut butter is s...

No news alert on Monday May 25

FOODNEWS will not publish a daily news alert on Monday, May 25, owing to the May public holiday in the UK. Normal service, including the daily and weekly news alerts, will resume o...