Italian tomato farms hand in new crop contracts

Northern Italian tomato farmers and processors handed in 163 contracts for supply of raw material for the oncoming 2015 crop, the main association in the area said this week.

Russia will 'soften', not lift, food import ban

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister has suggested that the ban on agri-food imports from Western markets, due to expire in August this year, will be ‘softened’ rather than lifted in response to “positive signals” fr...

Chinese US market AJC prices weaken more

The MGEX futures price has dropped to USD5.90 per gallon. its lowest level for some time.

Large investment in fruit purée manufacture

Ceres truck A major South African fruit processor is more than doubling its aseptic purée production capacity.

Refresco to make all Tesco PL soft drinks

Tesco has announced a new strategic collaboration with Refresco Gerber UK, for the supply all its private label carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks

Serbia expects similar raspberry output to that of 2014

Raspberries ripening Serbian raspberry growers should harvest around 65,000 tonnes of raspberries this year, according to an early estimate announced by representatives of a leading growers’ association in the country.

WTPO agrees to slash global tuna fishing by 35%

Members and some cooperating non-members on the World Tuna Purse Seine Organisation (WTPO) have agreed to a 35% reduction in fishing effort, which wil...

San Miguel invests in lemon oil extraction

Argentine lemon juice producer San Miguel invested USD4.5 million in a new electronic system for essential oil extraction in its Famaillá industrial p...

PepsiCo to ramp up kvas production in Russia

PepsiCo has commissioned a new line for kvas production at its plant in the city of Domodedovo (Moscow region).

Chile starts harvesting walnut crop

Walnut harvesting has started in Chile and the outlook is promising for the sector, announced the Chilean Walnut Commission (CWC).

Turkish farmers hold onto sultana stocks

Farmers appear to be waiting for a full assessment of the frost damage to the fruit, says a new report by Sunrose Foods of Turkey.

Cofco Tunhe 2014 middling, Chalkis muddled

Cofco Tunhe's tomato paste revenues decreased 4.8% year-on-year to CNY1.77 billion (USD289.5 million) in 2014, as higher average paste prices failed t...

Sao Paulo expects boost in peanut output

Harvesting of the peanut crop in Jaboticabal region in northeast São Paulo, one of the state's leading peanut-producing areas, is coming to an end, an...

Investors sue Chalkis over bogus sales

Investors in Chalkis, China’s second largest tomato processor, have entered into legal proceedings against the firm for damages incurred after it fals...

Tuna market: production, price and trends

Supply of tuna is increasing by 100,000 tonnes per year, said Gorjan Nikolik, senior industry analyst at Rabobank International at the fifth European tuna conference in B...

Moroccan IQF strawberries come to market as stocks remain

Moroccan frozen strawberries are coming to market as prices seem to be broadly trending on similar levels to those of last year, although the industry fears contractions ...

Argentina processes less apples for AJC

Argentina processed around 220,000 tonnes of apples in 2013/14, down 56.4% from 505,000 tonnes that were processed in the previous season, announced the country...

Russian imports of canned tuna 23% down in 2015

Thai shipments of canned tuna to Russia declined by 35% in the first two months of the year compared with the same period in 2014, Russian customs data shows.

Eco Fruit gears up to export frozen fruit to Russia

Poland-based Eco Fruit plans to export some 1,000 tonnes of frozen apricots and 100 tonnes of frozen sweet cherries to Russia.


Spain's Alicante province to produce more almonds

Almond growers in Spain's Alicante province expect to harvest 40% more almonds than in 2014, but concerns remain that they will not be able to sell all their pr...

Bruussels Tuna 2015

Sustainability and technology lead fifth European Tuna Conference

The tuna industry is facing closer consumer scrutiny of its products, especially canned tuna. From eco-labels, to technology and scientific research and to poli...

Millions of rows of trade data available to subscribers

Use our new Trade Dashboard to view millions of rows of trade data for processed food commodities - from AJC to tomato paste

Chinese tomato paste sellers slash their offers

Price offers of Chinese tomato paste have been decreasing in recent weeks, although some are doubtful over China’s actual ability to offset the negative impact ...

Imported 'Brazilian' apples are Polish, says Russia

Already closed to a wide range of EU foods and farm goods, Russia is now threatening new restrictions on fruit and vegetables coming into the country via Europe...

Spain delivers less canned tomatoes in January

Spanish shipments of canned tomatoes decreased 2.4% in the first month of this year, as a number of EU destinations lowered their off-take.

UK's FDF calls for food and drink manufacturing council

A dedicated, industry and government-led food and drink manufacturing council would unlock huge shared value for this world-leading industrial sector, society a...

Greece tries its hand with Moscow as EU issues remain

It is little surprise that the Syriza leaders in Greece are avid followers of Game of Thrones. To caricature this government as communist in their febrile rappr...