EU AJC producers hike prices

There has been a spike in the price of European (mainly Polish) AJC, but but the increases seem notional, as - in the words of one source - "everybody who is not covered from the cheap last season cannot be very clever".

UPDATED: WTO against US on Mexican tuna

The US has lost a WTO trade dispute with Mexico over US restrictions on canned tuna imports from Mexico based on dolphin-friendly labelling requirements.

Pacific North West cherry forecast released

Cherry production in the US Pacific North West growing district has been estimated at between 18-20 million (20lb) boxes this year, according to local reports.

First IQF strawberries reach market

Moroccan frozen strawberries are coming to market as prices seem to be broadly trending on similar levels to those of last year, although the industry fears contractions on the market.

IFF acquires US-based flavourings house

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc (IFF) has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Henry H Ottens Manufacturing Co Inc for an undisclosed sum.

Decline in US retail orange juice sales slows

The latest A C Nielsen figures, presented by the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC), show that the volume fall in all US retail orange juice was 6.4% at 40.68 million gallons (43.46 mln gallons in the same per...

California’s lemon crop down by drought

Extreme dry weather and scarcity of water has affected the flowering of lemon trees in California. Total estimated production is 5% down compared to t...

Wine consumption in Italy falls further

Wine and alcohol consumption among Italians has been decreasing compared with other countries over the recent years, the latest data shows.

Dried fruit giant to launch new probiotic products

Mariani Packing Company, the world's largest independent producer of dried fruit, has partnered with manufacturer of probiotics Ganeden Biotech.

Steep decline in Armenia’s canned food production

Armenian canned food production decreased 19.5% to 320 tonnes in January and February compared with the same period in 2014, the national statistical ...

Argentina to export fresh lemons to Japan

The Argentine agriculture ministry announced that it is in advanced negotiations with the Japanese ambassador to Argentina to close a deal that will o...

Limited frost damage to hazelnuts in Turkey

Initial assessments suggest that the likely extent of damage to hazelnuts in Turkey from last weekend’s frost will be limited.

Bosnia releases raspberry forecast

Raspberry growers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are expected to harvest around 10,000 tonnes of the crop this season, according to local reports.

Aryzta to buy 49% of French retailer Picard

Switzerland’s bakery group Aryzta is negotiating the acquisition of a 49% stake in France’s frozen food retail group Picard.

Chinese tomato paste sellers slash their offers

Price offers of Chinese tomato paste have been decreasing in recent weeks, although some are doubtful over China’s actual ability to offset the negative impact of the cur...

Chinese forecast of zero AJC carry-over to next season

FOODNEWS has seen a recent Chinese internal assessment of this season’s AJC market in general, and in particular, how it relates to Chinese production, exports and (given...

Poor Far Eastern harvests mean costlier pineapple juice

The already firm price of Thai PJC seems to be getting even firmer on the back of poor or delayed harvests (or both). Other origins also seem to be suffering.

Spain aims to send more asparagus abroad

Spanish cooperatives have increased acreage to produce and export more asparagus to the EU.

No trace of hepatitis A in recalled frozen berries

The frozen berries that were recalled by Australian packer Patties Foods showed no trace of hepatitis A (HAV) contamination, the company announced at completion...


Dried pineapple core still in short supply

Despite a good spring pineapple crop in Thailand QFN Trading & Agency said it is seeing higher fresh pineapple prices due to strong demand from the canneries.

Greece tries its hand with Moscow as EU issues remain

It is little surprise that the Syriza leaders in Greece are avid followers of Game of Thrones. To caricature this government as communist in their febrile rappr...

Millions of rows of trade data available to subscribers

Use our new Trade Dashboard to view millions of rows of trade data for processed food commodities - from AJC to tomato paste

Chilean IQF raspberry prices stable as crop near end

The raspberry harvest in Chile is coming to a close and frozen product prices from the country are generally stable.

Argentine lemons swell on trees as rain obstructs harvest

The lemons are ready for harvesting in Argentina but pickers are struggling to access crops after heavy rain destroyed paths and bridges.

Harvester manufacturer joins Italian tomato group

A northern Italian manufacturer of mechanical harvesting machinery is the latest firm to join Pomorete, the country’s tomato industry association.

Italy's agrifood trade to US up 50% in February

Italian food and beverage exports to the US rose almost 50% in February, assisted by the favourable euro-dollar exchange rate.

Syriza Greek victory could inspire more anti-austerity groups

Greece has a new left-wing coalition government, led by Alexis Tsipras of Syriza, which is seeking extensive debt-relief from Brussels, having been resounding e...