Drop in US retail OJ sales hits 10%

The decline in NFC juice sales is only slightly less, which is extremely worrying. This is the largest fall in more than four years.

Rains a mixed blessing for US almonds

Almond trees Almond growing areas in Central and southern California received rainfall over the weekend of February 28 and March 1, Blue Diamond Growers reported.

Currency volatility worries Chinese tomato firms

China’s tomato paste trade remained strong in early 2015, stemming concerns from local exporters who fear a downturn in exports prompted by currency alterations.

Russia turns to Serbia for frozen raspberries

Serbian frozen raspberry exporters increased their trade to Russia by almost two-fold last year, as local demand from leading supplier Poland fell.

Chinese AJC exports drop by 26% in January

China exported just over 37,000 tonnes of AJC in January, compared with 50,648 tonnes in January 2014.

Brazilian late season cashew prices firm

Cashews Brazil’s cashew nut market at the start of this year continues to be firm and with “very elevated” farmgate prices.

Russian embargo six months on: SPECIAL

In conjunction with its sister journals Agra Europe, The Public Ledger and Dairy Markets, FOODNEWS will be spotlighting the still-current Russian emba...

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Australian labelling rules may change after berry scare

Australia may impose stricter country-of-origin labelling requirements for food products following the latest food scare linked to frozen berries pack...

Samoa Tuna Processors plant remains idle

The Atu’u-based Samoa Tuna Processors (SPT), subsidiary of Tri marine International, has not started to function at full capacity, almost three months...

US almond growers pleased with bee activity

US almond growers have said they had plenty of bees to pollinate their trees this year.

Heinz launches new chilli ketchup in UK and EU

Tomato products manufacturer Heinz has added a new line of chilli-flavoured ketchup for the European market to its existing range.

Almond sellers undeterred by Russian ban

Russia's agricultural import ban appears to have had minimal impact on US almond sales, leading industry sources have indicated.

New members join tomato trade association

Italian tomato processors association Pomorete has expanded its membership after three new companies joined the trade group, bringing total affiliatio...

Russian embargo six months on: TIMELINE

Click on the links below to the analysis of the impact of the Russian ban on imports on certain products from the EU, the US and other countries.

Russian retailers tighten belts as inflation bites

Up to one-third of retailers in the country could go under, according to a new report from the USDA.

Costly and scarce fruit keeps PJC prices sky-high

Thai fresh pineapple prices still seem to be around the THB10.00-10.50 per kilo mark, equivalent to about USD310 per tonne.

Peru opens artichoke cannery

Agrícola Alsur Cusco SAC, based in Peru's Anta region, has invested USD12 million in a processing plant to export canned artichokes to Europe and the US.

USDA bidding for frozen broccoli

The USDA has opened a bid to local suppliers of frozen broccoli to be used in governmental nutrition programmes.The bidding window opened on February 27, and is...


Turkish hazelnut sellers stay out of market again

Turkish hazelnut supply has reverted to its usual pattern of limited offers after showing some improvements recently, a UK trader noted in a report today.

Russia refuses to lift EU trade embargo

Russia's deputy prime minister, Arkady Dvorkovic, has said the country will not cancel the embargo imposed on countries that introduced sanctions on Russia.

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Chinese frozen strawberry exports slashed

China’s frozen strawberry trade fell by one-fourth last year, as the country’s industry was hit by a lethal combination of low supply and lower international de...

Official confirmation of HLB vector in Spain

The arrival of the African citrus psyllid (Trioza erytreae), a vector of the dangerous HLB disease (greening) in citrus plants, was officially confirmed by the ...

Tomato sauce sales concluded under 2015 TRQs

Unilever de Centroamérica from Panama purchased 1,100 tonnes of tomato sauce with dry tomato extract content equal to or above 5% from UL Costa Rica for USD3.88...

SunOpta buys NFC orange juice manufacturer

SunOpta Inc has announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Citrusource LLC for USD13.3 million, plus extra performance-related payments.

Syriza Greek victory could inspire more anti-austerity groups

Greece has a new left-wing coalition government, led by Alexis Tsipras of Syriza, which is seeking extensive debt-relief from Brussels, having been resounding e...