Global players in the frozen fruit and vegetable industry have come together this week in Barcelona, Spain, for the second edition of the Polaris trade meetings organised by the FrozenB2B network.

China cuts AJC prices again while Poland dithers

Sources in the US say that Chinese AJC is presently being offered for as little as USD6.30 per gallon (equivalent to USD1,240 per tonne), ex-dock Newark.

Market potential for infused dried wild blueberries

Customer demand for sweetened dried wild blueberries is “taking off” in the north American market and may soon expand in Europe, according to a Canadian frozen wild blueberry supplier.

São Paulo state orange forecast revised downwards

Orange production in Brazil’s São Paulo state is expected to fall to 284.38 million boxes in 2015/16, down 2.17% from the 291.2 mln boxes harvested in the previous season, according to the first production esti...

Chinese AJC exports decline by a quarter in March

In what is proving to be a challenging season for China, its AJC exports fell by 23.5% in the month of March, to 27,960 tonnes.

Moroccan frozen strawberry prices to rise in 2015

Morocco’s strawberry season is likely to stretch until June, frozen fruit processors at the Polaris trade event in Barcelona told FOODNEWS today.

Turkish hazelnut areas hit by further frost

Hazelnut traders are again keeping a close watch on weather developments in Turkey following reports of frosts at elevations above 800 metres in both ...

China to harvest strawberries as it hopes to reduce prices

Harvesting time is only a few weeks away for American 13 strawberries in China, while other varieties are already being picked and production is said ...

French per capita juice consumption fell in 2014

Total French consumption was 1.55 billion litres, including in-home and foodservice sectors, representing an annual per capita consumption of 23 litre...

EU issues yellow card to Thailand over IUU fishing

The European Commission has officially warned Thailand for not taking sufficient measures to fight illegal fishing (IUU). Meanwhile, South Korea and P...

Clavo Food launched canned ready meals range

Spain-based Clavo Food has launched a full range of canned ready meals from roasted ham, to hock stew and canned paella, Ales Lara told FOODNEWS at Se...

Global cashew market shows firmer tendency

Cashew nut prices have shown gains of late but the reasons given for the increases vary,according to the industry sources involved.

Sustainability and technology lead fifth European Tuna Conference

The tuna industry is facing closer consumer scrutiny of its products, especially canned tuna. From eco-labels, to technology and scientific research a...

Tuna market: production, price and trends

Supply of tuna is increasing by 100,000 tonnes per year, said Gorjan Nikolik, senior industry analyst at Rabobank International at the fifth European tuna conference in B...

Moroccan IQF strawberries come to market as stocks remain

Moroccan frozen strawberries are coming to market as prices seem to be broadly trending on similar levels to those of last year, although the industry fears contractions ...

Natural food colours market to be worth USD1.6 bln by 2020

According to estimates, the global food colours market will be worth over USD2.0 billion by that date, which means natural colours will hold the lion's share.

Hormel Foods builds canned meat facility in China

Hormel Foods, with global sales of USD9.3 bln and EBIT of USD914 mln in 2014, is building a new meat processing plant in China with a registered capital of USD1...

McCain announces surprise closure of US factory

McCain Foods USA Inc will close its plant in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.


Frosts seen as having little impact on Turkish hazelnut crop

Last week’s frosts in Turkish hazelnut growing areas are expected to have had little effect on the new crop but it will not be possible to know anything for def...

Greece tries its hand with Moscow as EU issues remain

It is little surprise that the Syriza leaders in Greece are avid followers of Game of Thrones. To caricature this government as communist in their febrile rappr...

Millions of rows of trade data available to subscribers

Use our new Trade Dashboard to view millions of rows of trade data for processed food commodities - from AJC to tomato paste

Tuna market: production, price and trends

Supply of tuna is increasing by 100,000 tonnes per year, said Gorjan Nikolik, senior industry analyst at Rabobank International at the fifth European tuna confe...

Greek apricot crop affected by weather conditions

Small regional frosts, especially in small areas in North Greece and the Peloponnese could drag production down.

Spain delivers less canned tomatoes in January

Spanish shipments of canned tomatoes decreased 2.4% in the first month of this year, as a number of EU destinations lowered their off-take.

Cutrale loses appeal in working conditions case

Sucocítrico Cutrale, one of Brazil’s OJ majors, has lost an appeal in front of the labour court of appeals (TRT) in Campinas against a first instance ruling in ...

Syriza Greek victory could inspire more anti-austerity groups

Greece has a new left-wing coalition government, led by Alexis Tsipras of Syriza, which is seeking extensive debt-relief from Brussels, having been resounding e...