The Russian government is considering introducing sanctions against The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, in response to the recent extension of Western sanctions against the country, according to an official spokesman of the Russian Presidential Administration.

Polish frozen potato trade to Russia plunges

Exports of Polish frozen potatoes to Russia have dropped 50% since the introduction of the ban on European agricultural products, despite the commodity is not among those blacklisted.

EU suppliers cash in on AJC bonanza

Attention has been focused mainly on Polish AJC exports to the US this season but many other supplying and trading countries have also taken slices of the US market this season.

Spanish OJ volumes likely to decrease

In Spain, recent official estimates made by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Food (MAGRAMA) on April 2015 for Spanish orange production is expected to be 10.3% lower than in the previous yea...

EU farmers want fruit/veg support extended

Struggling EU fruit and vegetable producers need an extension of support measures, now that Russia has prolonged its ban on agricultural products from the bloc to the end of next year, EU umbrella farm union Co...

Tomato PL will expand through R&D

Private label products in the tomato sector have experienced a steady level of growth until now, as innovation and differentiation will drive any future expansion of the industry as a whole.

Australia asked to tackle hurdles to agriculture

Growing energy costs, insufficient investment in logistical development and water infrastructure are poised to undermine Australia’s agricultural indu...

Alaska’s fisheries hit by budget cuts

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is set to refocus some of its marketing strategies after government spending cuts slashed its budget.

Saudi juice demand rises by one-fourth at Ramadan

Juice and dairy companies in Saudi Arabia have had to increase their production capacity during Ramadan to face rising demand.

EU shows high demand for Spanish red fruit

Higher demand from European markets led to an increase in exports of red fruit from Spain’s southern region of Andalusia this growing season to date.

UK food trader achieves UKAS certification

Ivory & Ledoux have been awarded the UKAS accredited Certification Body No 0214 and found to meet the requirements of Global Standard for Agents and B...

Bay of Biscay anchovy levels at 30-year high

Scientists estimate the anchovy biomass off the Bay of Biscay has reached 142,000 tonnes.

Chinese tomato consumption 'to grow'

China’s domestic market for tomato products was estimated at 330,000 tonnes in 2014 – a figure that is expected to grow further in the coming years, a...

US still taking apples for juice processing

US processors are still buying fresh apples, according to the latest statistics released by the USDA in its weekly National Apple Processing Report.

Sysco terminates planned takeover of US Foods

Sysco has announced that it is terminating its planned USD3.5 billion takeover of US Foods, after the US federal court blocked the deal.

EU agri-food trade down 4% since Russian ban

While EU exports of agri-food products to third countries have risen since the start of the Russian ban on Western agricultural products, intra-EU agri-food trade is down...

Brazilian açaí production spreads to new areas

The Brazilian state of Tocantins is a new player in the Brazilian açaí supply market, currently dominated by suppliers from Pará state.Tocantins has now joined ...

Ecuador offers tax ‘drawback’ to canned tuna exporters

The Ecuadorian government decided to apply a tax 'drawback' to boost competitiveness of canners eroded by the appreciation of the dollar.

Cultivated blueberry harvest starts in British Columbia

Blueberry picking has started on June 20 in Canada’s British Columbia, the largest district in the country for the cultivation of highbush/cultivated varieties ...


NS raisin deliveries down by 60,000 tonnes

For the period of June 14-20, according to the Raisin Administrative Committee and California Raisin Marketing Board,1,320 (short) tons of natural (sun-dried) s...

China's tomato sector remains scattered

The weak cotton market and changes to government subsidies has pushed at least one Chinese cotton processor to move into tomato processing.

Millions of rows of trade data available to subscribers

Use our new Trade Dashboard to view millions of rows of trade data for processed food commodities - from AJC to tomato paste


Polish IQF strawberry offers meet with slow demand

Drought is worrying the processing strawberry industry in Poland, as the first price offers for 2015 IQF product are bouncing off customers’ sluggish demand.

Spanish citrus exporters benefit from embargo

Citrus exporters from Murcia are achieving all-time record sales in the EU after competitors shifted to Russia.

China and Italy shipped half of Q1 tomato paste

China and Italy accounted for almost half of the global tomato paste trade in the first quarter of the year, with a combined 265,000 tonnes of product exported.

Italian food exports to Russia halved in Q1

Italy’s agrifood exports to Russia halved in the first quarter of 2015 compared with last year, as Russia's recent decision to prolong the embargo is feared to ...

UK's FDF calls for food and drink manufacturing council

A dedicated, industry and government-led food and drink manufacturing council would unlock huge shared value for this world-leading industrial sector, society a...