Russian retailers tighten belts as inflation bites

Up to one-third of retailers in the country could go under, according to a new report from the USDA.

USDA highlights upturn in world pistachio output

Pistachio Global pistachio production for 2014/15 is forecast at 608,000 tonnes, up 20% from the previous year as the US, Iran and Turkey enter the on-year of the alternate bearing crop cycle, the USDA said in a new repo...

Russian fresh apple imports slump as embargo bites

Russia imported less than 66,000 tonnes fresh apples in December 2014, compared with over 116,000 tonnes in the same month of 2013.

Australian almond producers see crop as still on track for record levels

Almonds Australian almond producers believe this year’s harvest is still on track to be the country’s biggest crop ever.Harvesting has started in the major growing areas of Sunraysia, Riverland and Riverina this week a...

Tight supply of Spanish canned mandarins pushes prices up

Higher than expected demand for foodservice canned mandarins moves prices up, as this year’s Spanish total canned production is now believed to be 20,000 tonnes short.

Spanish orange growers may pull out

Farmers are threatening to uproot or abandon orange plantations because their fruit is being sold at below cost.

Russian embargo six months on: SPECIAL

In conjunction with its sister journals Agra Europe, The Public Ledger and Dairy Markets, FOODNEWS will be spotlighting the still-current Russian emba...

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Select Harvests sees boost in first half profit

Australian almond producer Select Harvests has reported a 17% rise in underlying first half profit to AUD21.5 million (USD16.93 mln).

Turkish sultana and raisin sales surging ahead

Sales of Turkish sultanas and raisins have continued to forge ahead with 233,429 tonnes of raw material registered between September 1 2014 and the en...

Russian tomato paste market growing in 2014

Russia stepped up significantly its tomato paste demand from China and other origins in 2014, with total imports at a six year high.

Dangote launches tomato processing factory in Nigeria

Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, backed by the Nigerian government, plans to install a tomato processing factory that will process up to 1,200 ton...

Florida continues to reduce its FCOJ stocks

Florida's inventory is now down to 286.37 million pounds, an 8.3% decline from 312.40 mln lbs at the same point last season, according to the latest F...

Grape juice exports shrink to four-year low

Argentine exports of grape juice concentrate have fallen for the third year in succession.

Russian embargo, six months on: TIMELINE

Click on the links below to the analysis of the impact of the Russian ban on imports on certain products from the EU, the US and other countries.

Chinese frozen strawberry exports slashed

China’s frozen strawberry trade fell by one-fourth last year, as the country’s industry was hit by a lethal combination of low supply and lower international demand.

Call to resuscitate moribund mango purée plant

The Wa factory in Ghana was established seven years ago, but has never operated at more than 15% of its planned capacity and ceased operations in 2010.

Peru about to start the anchovy fishing season

Peru’s Ministry of Production announced that the anchovy fishing season could start as early as April or May this year.

Australia orders 100% Chinese frozen berry testing

Following the hepatitis outbreak linked to imports of frozen berries packed in China, the Australian government has implemented testing of all shipments from fa...


New peanut variety promises disease resistance and other benefits

A new Spanish peanut variety that contains high levels of healthful oleic acid has been released by USDA scientists and university cooperators.

Don't count on Russia lifting import embargo soon

There is growing speculation among food and agricultural policy analysts that Russia could soon lift some or all of the sanctions imposed six months ago on the ...

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Russian embargo, six months on: TIMELINE

Click on the links below to the analysis of the impact of the Russian ban on imports on certain products from the EU, the US and other countries.

Camposol focusing on blueberries as profits slow down

Peru’s Camposol, the world's largest asparagus exporter, recorded a slowdown in revenues and EBITDA in the last quarter of last year, which brought down full-ye...


Strong 2014 for Italian tomato brand Mutti

Italian tomato products company Mutti Spa closed the 2014 calendar year with an increase in revenues, and is planning investments for the coming years.

Ocean Spray logo

Ocean Spray rolls out chilled juices in France

Ocean Spray is putting its cranberry juice drinks into chilled cabinets in France, three years after it rolled out the move in the UK.

Syriza Greek victory could inspire more anti-austerity groups

Greece has a new left-wing coalition government, led by Alexis Tsipras of Syriza, which is seeking extensive debt-relief from Brussels, having been resounding e...