Pineapple pile

The Thai Pineapple Industry Association has recently met and delivered its estimate of 1.437 million tonnes as Thailand's total pineapple production for this year. In normal years, Thailand produces around 2.0 mln tonnes of fruit.

Italian wine grape harvest on track

The wine grape harvest in Italy is proceeding well, with fruit conditions described as “ideal” and production volumes estimated over 10% higher than the record-low output of last year.

Hazelnut market now relatively stable

Turkish hazelnut prices seem to have stabilised for the time being, a UK trader observed in a report today.

California expects 4% rise in tomato output

Tomato production in California is forecast to increase 4% on last year and reach 14.5 million (short) tons of raw material for processing, or 13.2 mln tonnes, according to the latest estimates by local associa...

Australian macadamia crop still on track

The 2015 Australian macadamia crop remains on track to hit 47,000 tonnes in-shell at 10% moisture (43,800 tonnes in-shell at 3.5% moisture) announced the peak industry body, the Australian Macadamia Society (AM...

Chilean canned food exports hit new high

Chile’s fruit and vegetable canning industry has reached a new peak in 2014 with the value of canned fruit and vegetable exports rising to an unprecedented USD490 million.

Italian tomato firms merge to form giant processor

Northern Italian tomato processors Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro and Agricoltori Riuniti Piacentini (ARP) have agreed to merge, to the create the c...

New growing areas lift blueberry production

Blueberry cultivation in Mexico has expanded to new fields in the central states of Puebla and Estado de México, in addition to the principal berry pr...

Chilean walnut industry mechanical shelling

The walnut industry in Chile is moving strongly towards mechanical shelling of its product in a bid to compensate for shortage of manual labour, André...

Prodalim opens Spanish distribution centre

The new facility, Prodalim Iberia, in Alcasser, 18 kilometres from the port of Valencia, was inaugurated on July 15.

Macadamia growers hope for good pollination

With spring under way, a report on the Australian Macadamia Society’s (AMS) website noted that buzzing bees and fragrant flowering trees of pink and w...

Sensient's new natural sugar replacement

New from Sensient Flavors is APSS Plus, a natural functional flavouring that is claimed to compensate for the sensory drawbacks that occur when sugar ...

Chile Special 2015

Once again, FOODNEWS will be producing its popular annual supplement on Chile, its industry, and its products, in time for the world's largest trade s...

Special: FOODNEWS' quarterly trade roundup

Welcome to this first FOODNEWS trade roundup, where we put together our most recent articles regarding trade movements, import and export flows for al...

Spain extends safety net measure for fruit

Spain is increasing the amount of peaches and nectarines that can be withdrawn from the market for processing into fruit juice under a special quota designed to ease the ...

EU tomato market stable in mid-harvest stage

Tomato producers in Europe fear an early end of the season, due to weather patterns and bunching at plants, as prices have moved only marginally and most production has b...

Sumol+Campol enjoys strong first half results

Portugal’s leading fruit juice manufacturer Sumol+Compal saw sales increase 7.5% to 199.3 million litres in H1 2015.

Peruvian new season artichokes start to arrive

The first artichokes of the second season of the year are coming into Peruvian canneries. The price of artichokes paid to farmers hovers around USD0.13 per kilo...

Azerbaijan investment in frozen French fries

A new production line for French fries has arrived from China for Bosnian potato processing company Srebrenicanka that will install the line in its new processi...


Most of the US peanut growing states see more rain

Most of the main US peanut growing states have received additional rain over the last week, with only Oklahoma and Virginia showing reduced amounts of rain.

Russia ban one year on: Who are the winners and losers in the fresh fruit trade?

The EU was the key supplier of fresh fruit to the Russian market prior to the agri-food import ban that started one year ago in August 2014 and is set to contin...

Millions of rows of trade data available to subscribers

Use our new Trade Dashboard to view millions of rows of trade data for processed food commodities - from AJC to tomato paste

Spain extends safety net measure for fruit

Spain is increasing the amount of peaches and nectarines that can be withdrawn from the market for processing into fruit juice under a special quota designed to...

Peru starts ramping up its citrus plantations

Citrus growers in Peru are expected to increase planting of citrus varieties by 1,000 hectares per year in the next couple of years, officials from Peru’s Assoc...


Tomato derivative launched as natural colouring

Lycored has developed a range of vibrant natural red, orange and yellow food colours from lycopene, the tomato ingredient.


Camposol's sales fall will not affect its strategy

Lower volumes of asparagus, deferred results in avocados and lower shrimp prices affected leading Peruvian company Camposol’s performance in the first half of 2...

FOODNEWS Half Year Outlook supplement is out

The FOODNEWS Half Year Outlook supplement is now online and available for download.