It is becoming clear that rising dairy prices in Russia are the direct result of its self-imposed trade embargo.

Venezuelan crisis prompts dairy company pullout

Venezuela’s tottering economy has claimed its first foreign dairy victim: Spain’s Calidad Pascual has pulled out of a joint venture there and abandoned expansion plans.

SE Asian demand boosts milk powder export growth

If skimmed milk powder (SMP) is the most competitive dairy commodity on the planet, then the market most keenly targeted by traders is Southeast Asia.

Daily Price Update 04/03/2015: powder pain ahead?

European processors and traders are turning their thoughts to whole milk powder (WMP) – encouraged by rises in recent global prices.

Indian SMP export plunge follows falling world prices

India has cut back the volumes of milk powder it sells on world markets, in line with the fall in global prices.

Can Slovenia's dairies punch above their weight?

With the end of EU milk quotas later this month, Slovenia's dairy industry, like many others, is increasingly eyeing export opportunities in Asia.

SMP heads upwards at online auction, WMP stalls

Skimmed milk powder (SMP) is this week’s Comeback Kid of the dairy price recovery. A near 7% rise in average price since the last globalDairyTrade auc...

Uruguay under pressure from large milk volumes, lower demand

A mismatch between the large milk supply in Uruguay and dwindling demand on the global market has put Uruguay’s dairy industry under pressure.

Lorry strike paralyses Brazilian dairy sector, disrupts trade

A strike by Brazilian lorry drivers, now in its third week, has blocked federal highways and severely hampered dairy deliveries and collections in 10 ...

Russian rivals squeeze Danone on value dairy lines

Danone is stepping up sales in Russia of its premium-priced products as a result of the continuing embargo on western dairy products.

Daily Price Update 02/03/2015: has WMP stalled?

Fonterra is failing to shift the volumes of whole milk powder (WMP) it would like on the eve of the latest 'benchmark price-setting' globalDairyTrade ...

Daily Price Update 27/02/2015: weakening in US

The long-awaited dampening of US price growth is beginning to take hold, according to our latest round-up of US dairy commodities.

Daily Price Update 26/02/2015: global highs and lows

Global ‘benchmark’ prices do not show the whole picture, as our round-up of international dairy prices shows.

Digital dragons drive China infant formula sales growth

A Chinese e-commerce site that enables consumers to buy infant milk formula (IMF) directly from abroad has attracted USD100 million from investors jus...

Analysis: India set to overtake China in economic growth stakes

India will overtake China to become the world’s fastest-growing major economy in the next two years, according to a new World Bank forecast. It predicts that India’s gros...

Daily Price Update 25/02/2015: lower output keeps it keen

A continued lull in market activity is dragging on German skimmed milk powder (SMP) prices, with ADPI extra spray dipping 1.4% this week.

Daily Price Update 23/02/2015: higher stocks, lower prices

Higher milk production and heavier stocks are weighing on US prices today (February 23).

Chinese line up further NZ farm purchases

China's Shanghai Pengxin Group plans to double its NZD500 million of New Zealand farm assets within the next five years.

Quality milk powders growth drives multinational profits

Two leading global dairy operators have reported solid results and a good outlook ahead in what has been a tough year for many companies.

Dairy companies update: deals in the offing

The Canadian cheesemaker Saputo could return to Europe through an acquisition under the “right conditions,” according to its boss.

Dairy growth can be profitable and green, say Dutch

Dutch dairy output was down -2% in January, as milk producers ease back on output to avoid superlevy fines. Industry body ZuivelNL also says that this trend wil...

Russian cheese ban that isn't, as trade figures fudge trade gap

Russia is tying itself in knots over its embargo on western dairy products. First it is imposing a ‘ban’ on already banned Polish cheese and secondly excluding ...