Average EU farm gate prices for milk last month were an estimated 9% lower than the average of the past five years, with further cuts expected, the European Commission has revealed.

Costa Rica to liberalize US milk imports

Costa Rican import tariffs will start to be phased out on milk imports from the US starting in January 2016, until they reach 0% in 2025, under the terms of the US-Dominican Republic-Central America FTA (DR-CAF...

Daily Price Update 29/07/2015: EU SMP intervention widens

More EU countries sold skimmed milk powder (SMP) into intervention last week, while German and French milk production returned to normal levels following a short-lived heatwave.

Analysis: Dairy and sugar still TTP sticking points

Sensitive farm products such as dairy and sugar remain the key agricultural issues holding up agreement on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement as talks between the 12 nations involved continue in Hawaii...

USDA announces changes to dairy import licensing program

The USDA has announced changes to the Dairy Tariff-Rate Import Quota Licensing Program with a view to suspend historical license reduction provision and modify procedures for collecting licensing fees effective...

Daily Price Update 28/07/2015: US butter dropping

Trading in Chicago shows falling expectations for American butter in the autumn

Lactalis dethrones Danone as world’s second-largest dairy company

In a changing of the guard, Lactalis, aided by a vigorous acquisition programme, edged into second position for the first time, ahead of Danone, accor...

China IMF sales turmoil in super-heated market

China's infant milk formula (IMF) market is suffering from too much competition and a slowing economy.

Mexican port hub offers dairy export potential

A new export hub for milk powder is opening up to Southeast Asia via Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Thirst for foreign liquid milk boosts Chinese import demand

From its headquarters 150km west of Frankfurt, Hochwald pioneered big-volume liquid milk sales to China. Now the trend, first noted by Dairy Markets i...

Dairy Companies Update: shifting partnerships

Danone is giving up on the unequal fight to maintain its presence in the Chinese infant milk formula (IMF) market and plans to sell its Dumex business...

Daily Price Update 24/07/2015: US wait and see

US skimmed milk powder (SMP) has moved lower this week relative to European offers, but this may not result in greater volumes on world markets.

Daily Price Update 23/07/2015: uplift in the East

An EU price update today reveals a further slide in butter and milk powder, but prices appear to be picking up in some parts of Europe.

High temperatures impact on EU milk production

A heatwave throughout much of Europe is having a big impact on milk production, while in France the government has responded to farmer unrest by annou...


High temperatures impact on EU milk production

A heatwave throughout much of Europe is having a big impact on milk production, while in France the government has responded to farmer unrest by announcing a new aid pack...

Daily Price Update 22/07/2015: SMP sold into intervention

The crisis of low prices has resulted in the first skimmed milk powder (SMP) being sold into intervention.

Daily Price Update 17/07/2015: US SMP pressure

US skimmed milk powder (SMP) prices have taken a lurch downwards this week, making them super-competitive with European offers.

NZ No.2 dairy exporter cuts forecast milk price

New Zealand’s No.2 – the second biggest whole milk powder (WMP) exporter after Fonterra – has reduced its forecast farmgate milk price.

Who’s winning in the battle for Chinese milk powder sales?

The ‘earthquake’ in Chinese milk powder buying in late 2013 and early 2014 provided massive gains for sellers.

Dairy companies update: profit warnings

Fonterra’s infant formula partner in China is facing what are described as “market share challenges” and expects a substantial loss this year.

EU Commissioner backs dairy private storage extension

EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan has proposed extending the public intervention and private storage aid (PSA) periods for butter and skimmed milk powder (...

US SMP traders seek an edge in cut-price global market

Higher returns from domestic butter sales are helping US exporters to price skimmed milk powder (SMP) competitively on global markets.