The dairy price rally has continued - with 11%-plus rises all round for the major commodities at the latest globalDairyTrade event today (September 1).

Arla focuses on brands as revenues and profits suffer

Arla Foods has mitigated falling global commodity prices by switching volumes into branded products, but it admits that both revenue and profit have suffered in the current global climate.

Daily Price Update 28/08/2015: big stocks, bargain buys

US prices are beginning to weaken as large stocks of cheese and butter continue to unbalance the domestic market.

Dairy companies update: Indian future

One of India’s fastest growing dairy companies is said to be revolutionising the sector with innovative new products.

Dutch dairy boost from foreign sales and weaker euro

One of Europe’s biggest dairy cooperatives met challenges at home with growth in its overseas operations.

Daily Price Update 27/08/2015: WMP prices slip

Skimmed milk powder (SMP) is holding its own in Eastern Europe – buoyed by recent advances at the global auction.

Analysis: don’t count on swift China dairy bounceback

It is not devaluation that threatens to put the brakes on a return to greater Chinese dairy demand, but the country’s own rising milk production.

Big losses shake China IMF sector – but imports rise

As growth in China’s infant milk formula (IMF) sector slows, China’s largest domestic IMF makers had one thing in common in the first half of 2015 – b...

EU cheesemakers closing gap on embargo losses

EU traders are reaching new markets for European cheese, despite the Russian embargo, with overall output in the bloc at roughly the same level as a y...

Daily Price Update 26/08/2015: sellers 'wait and see'

Germany sold its first batch of skimmed milk powder (SMP) into intervention last week as prices continue to bump along at rock-bottom levels.

Daily Price Update 25/08/2015: UK price pressure

Cheaper Irish cheese and butter on the UK market has had the effect of dampening British producer price returns.

Ireland feels the pressure of global dairy prices freefall

Ireland’s export-oriented dairy sector has been put under pressure by the recent freefall of prices in world markets.

Chinese dairy demand still growing, despite year-on-year falls

Chinese import demand is still growing strongly, despite disappointing year-on-year sales by foreign companies.

Intervention? Storage? Our FAQ guide to EU dairy supports

The current low prices for dairy commodities have thrown a fresh spotlight on the EU’s various market support mechanisms for butter and skimmed milk p...

Dairy farmers on the march as ministers lobby for more EU aid

Spain is providing direct aid to dairy farmers who claim they are having to sell milk at below break-even levels.

Daily Price Update 24/08/2015: signs of global recovery

Encouraging signs for the dairy sector are emerging in futures markets both in the United States and New Zealand.

Daily Price Update 21/08/15: US behind the curve

The USDA has responded swiftly to this week’s globalDairyTrade auction – but its averages for Oceania FOB prices lag behind the event averages.

Interview: UK crisis could lead to milk supplier exodus

The UK dairy farm sector is in crisis, with many farmers receiving prices well short of the cost of production.

Daily Price Update 20/08/2015: WMP upturn, SMP stocks high

Demand continues to stir for whole milk powder (WMP) in an otherwise flat market for EU dairy commodities.

Dairy companies update: big in the USA

More than a third of the processors in a list of America’s top 100 companies have annual revenues of USD1 billion or more, according to a new survey.

More Belgian farms suspected of TB-infected herds

Belgian vets have said 19 dairy farms are still under suspicion after an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in the province of Limburg in the north-east of th...

Russian embargo latest: trade maps; cheese seized

Police in Russia have seized contraband cheese worth RUB2 billion (EUR27.5 mln) in the latest official crackdown on embargo busters.