Daily Price Update 30/03/15: global auction jitters

The futures markets are mixed today, with the end of quotas exercising the thoughts of many traders, but expectations about this week’s globalDairyTrade event of far more immediate concern.

Cheese v powders: how EU exports future is changing

Cheese has typically dominated EU dairy sales to third countries, with concentrated milk, and powder exports a close second. Last year, as a result of the Russian trade embargo, the positions were reversed.

Europe is ready, says EU farms chief, as quotas end

The European Commission is “very positive” about the prospects for the European dairy sector as EU milk production quotas come to end this week after 30 years.

Daily Price Update 27/03/2015: dollar impact grows

US powder prices are continuing to be negatively impacted by the global market, while domestic cheese prices are also beginning to weaken.

Dairy companies update: setbacks and survival

Currency exchange rates are impacting on several dairy companies this week, but survival instincts in the industry are strong.

Daily Price Update 26/03/2015: powder squeezed

In the absence of any big buying by China, Argentine exporters are feeling the pinch.

NZ gaining dairy sales, despite 'China deficit'

New Zealand exports are recovering in line with greater buying from around the world – and in some cases even from China, trade figures from last mont...

Milk price rise boost for EU dairy co-op farmers

Milk prices in some parts of Europe are recovering – but it is only the big co-ops so far that are leading the way.

Chinese milk powder buying returning to 'normal' ?

Chinese milk powder buying looks as if it is returning to ‘normal’ patterns after the unprecedented stock-building spree at the end of 2013 and the be...

Daily Price Update 25/03/2015: quotas calm

The end of EU milk production quotas – now just a week away – is having a chilling effect on trade, according to some market observers.

Milk powder prices will rebound, says Fonterra chief

Milk powder prices have reached their lowest level and are now due to rebound, says Theo Spierings, head of New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra in an int...

Post-quotas Ireland prepares to join dairy big league

Quotas cannot end soon enough for Irish dairy farmers, who were 5.07% over-quota at the end of February and will end up having to foot a EUR75 million...

Confident Germany ready to make the most of post-quota EU

Germany has consistently been one of Europe’s biggest, most ambitious milk producers, regularly bursting through its quota limits. Now it is set on a ...

Danes plot steady milk growth in post-quotas world

Denmark is one of the ‘golden triangle’ of EU countries, including the Netherlands and Ireland, that will be giving the loudest cheers over the end of...

EU denies backing for Serbian dairy import controls

The EU has today (March 19) denied that the European Commission gave a go-ahead to Serbian authorities to introduce protective measures.

Daily Price Update 24/03/2015: futures caution

European derivatives traders are taking a cool approach to current prices, with some movement this week, and at levels in some cases below the spot market.

Daily Price Update 23/03/2015: cheap UK SMP

Look no further than the UK for some of the cheapest skimmed milk powder (SMP) in Europe.

Dairy companies update: big gains by EU leaders

Five of Europe's leading dairy ingredients processors had combined revenues of over EUR35 billion last year.

Daily Price Update 20/03/2015: US cheese strong

The word in the US dairy world is: cheese. Production is strong, reports the USDA, and customer interest is maintaining sales levels.

French, Spanish dairy giants fined in cartels crackdown

For six years, leading French dairy companies met in secret and fixed fresh product prices, says the country's competition authority, which has imposed fines to...

EU denies backing for Serbian dairy import controls

The EU has today (March 19) denied that the European Commission gave a go-ahead to Serbian authorities to introduce protective measures.

Chinese step up NZ formula checks after eco-threat

The fallout from the New Zealand pesticide contamination threat is not expected to cause a major setback in China, despite an increase in checks demanded by Bei...