Whole Milk Powder (WMP) values in the US have continued to fall over the last week, and are now trading at their lowest level since records began in 2000.

Colombia looks to battle greater competition

Colombia’s leading dairy industry, Alquería, has unveiled plans to export milk powder to new markets in Africa and the Middle East, while concerns are growing that the country’s dairy sector could be exposed to...

Daily Price Update 23/04/2015: Chinese IMF values dip

Chinese IMF marketers have already started to discount prices heavily, as the first effects of a recent National People’s Congress (NPC) ruling in favour of breastfeeding come into effect.

Chile buying less dairy so far in 2015

Chilean imports of dairy products have slowed significantly in 2015, with leading buyers cutting down on purchases of cheese and butter from New Zealand, which lost its standing as Chile's top supplier of dair...

Daily Price Update 22/04/2015: Too much SMP?

EU skimmed milk powder (SMP) production volumes are up by a quarter compared with last year – but SMP trade is still quiet.In the first two months of 2015 the EU produced an extra 117,794 tonnes of SMP, an incr...

Post quotas, can Italy's favourite cheeses conquer the world?

Italy is often referred to as a country of two halves – with large differences between north and the south of the country. It can also be seen this way in terms of the potential of its dairy industry.

Brazil eyeing new export markets

Brazilian authorities are optimistic about the prospects of gaining access to new markets for the country’s dairy products this year, especially for m...

Daily Price Update 21/04/2015: US export stirrings

Economic stimulus measures by China’s Central Bank, aimed at freeing up loans, has put some pep into US dairy futures trading this week.

Argentina's premium buyer laps up world's costliest milk powder

Venezuela is paying a premium on milk powder to ensure uninterrupted supply – a move that is helping to sustain Argentina’s exporters at a time of fal...

China 'breast is best' crackdown on infant milk formula ads

Life is about to become a little tougher, or at least more complicated, for infant milk formula marketers in China.

India's Amul finds way to defy global dairy price downturn

India’s Amul once more got by far the best global price for skimmed milk powder (SMP). The question everyone wants to know is: how do they do it?

Fonterra milk expansion at risk as farmers eye NZ rivals

At a time when New Zealand dairy farmers are reported to be increasingly dissatisfied with their shareholdings in Fonterra cooperative, the company is...

World demand will absorb extra EU milk, says US on end of quotas

The US Dairy Export Council (USDEC) is quite bullish in its forecasts over the end of EU milk production quotas.

Small is profitable for ambitious post-quotas Dutch

To the Dutch the ending of EU dairy quotas is just the start: there are far greater challenges ahead. Not least: how can such a small country support ...

Post quotas, can Italy's favourite cheeses conquer the world?

Italy is often referred to as a country of two halves – with large differences between north and the south of the country. It can also be seen this way in terms of the po...

Daily Price Update 17/04/2015: skimmed struggling

Skimmed milk powder (SMP) prices are still struggling in European markets, with futures prices today well below the historically low price achieved this week at...

Daily Price Update 16/04/2015: EU product gluts

Market distortions resulting from the Russian trade embargo continue to reverberate in European dairy markets.

Higher consumption powers India's double-digit dairy growth

The dairy sector in India, the world’s biggest milk producer, is expected to grow by 15.6% over the 2015-16 financial year, according to a new report.

Russian cheese embargo prompts greater EU milk powder sales

EU cheese exports were down 18% in February – the result of the continuing Russian trade embargo.

Dairy companies update: upbeat majors

Danone gave an upbeat assessment to analysts this week, based on predictions of a market upturn later this year.

France takes the cautious, value-added route post-quotas

Europe’s second biggest milk producer is not celebrating the end of milk quotas - not even those farmers in the favoured north-west.

Nuclear détente promises Iranian dairy growth potential

A thaw in the relationship with the West could pave the way for greater dairy exports to Iran, the second most populous nation in the Middle East after Egypt an...