The US is to open its market to imports of beef, pigmeat, sheep and goat meat and derived products from Lithuania, 11 years after the country’s initial request, deeming its food safety and inspection system to be sufficiently robust.

Belgian dairy, pig farmers to receive emergency domestic aid

Belgian food supply chain operators have agreed on a set of emergency support measures for struggling farmers in the country – notably direct financial aid to dairy and pigmeat producers for six months.

Commission says EFSA justified in keeping glyphosate report under wraps

The European Commission has defended the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) decision not to release the final version of its assessment report on the controversial pesticide glyphosate until official publi...

Scrapped French food waste rules set to be revived with new bill

A French ban on retailers disposing of edible food that was scratched last month on a legal technicality has been revived in a new bill from two deputies.

Agri-food goods see biggest annual inflation rise in eurozone

Euro coins The average consumer price of unprocessed agri-food goods in the EU eurozone rose by far more than that for any other product group in the past twelve months, according to provisional data.

Mixed picture for EU agri-food exports continued in June

Overall EU agri-food exports in June were around 11% higher, in value terms, than they were in June 2014, despite the considerable impact of Russia’s blanket embargo, the European Commission has revealed.

WTO panel to rule on EU-Indonesia spat over biodiesel duties

A WTO dispute settlement panel will be set up to decide whether EU anti-dumping duties on Indonesian biodiesel breach WTO rules, with the European Com...

Report highlights new 'megatrends' for agri-food sector

Health-conscious customers with money to spend will be looking to purchase food with a higher emphasis placed on environmental and ethical factors ove...

French wheat quality mixed on low protein levels

France’s soft wheat crop was showing varying quality, with high levels for two key measures of milling quality but low protein levels, a provisional p...

Danish analyst predicts rebound in pigmeat prices

Falling numbers of pregnant sows in Poland and Germany will result in lower market supplies of slaughter pigs and increased EU pigmeat prices next yea...

Stock market turmoil offers currency relief for non-Euro farmers

This week’s global stock market turmoil has had some beneficial side-effects for farmers in the UK and other non-Euro countries, as they eye European ...

Germany to fund incorporation of farming into climate strategies

A new UN initiative, funded by the German government, has been agreed to help eight developing countries fully integrate agriculture into their nation...

US soya ratings steady but corn slides

The level of US corn rated good/excellent slipped down to 68% while the level of soyabeans stayed at 63% for the week ended August 30, according to US...

Five things you need to know this week... August 28

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days

Analysis: EU sugar production could slump to 45-year low

Output of sugar in the European Union will drop to 15.1 million tonnes in the forthcoming marketing year, down 4.2mt from 2014/15, according to the first estimate for the season from Agra Europe’s sis...

Five things you need to know this week... August 28

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days


CAP RDP for France’s Loire region adopted

The European Commission has adopted the 2014-2020 CAP rural development programme (RDP) for France’s Loire region.

Updated CAP Monitor looks at the changes coming for 2014-2020

CAP Monitor is now fully revised and updated, offering a full section-by-section guide to the new CAP for 2014-2020

Trade Focus: Crop markets fend off China turmoil to face harvest pressure

While mostly down again last week, crop futures appeared to be taking a less fraught view of China’s economic turmoil – even the China-tied soya market, which clambered off early 6½-year lows, as the ...

Retailers operating ‘casino system’ – Irish dairy group

Retailers have been allowed to insulate their margins from price volatility in the dairy sector, meaning that they do not feel the burdens of price fluctuation currently being felt by dairy producers,...

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