TTIP: US still ‘non-committal’ on GI compromise

TTIP negotiators discussed the stand-off on potential US recognition of EU ‘Geographical Indication’ (GI) products during the last round of talks, but with no progress made, the European Commission has revealed.

Medvedev orders proposals on Russian grain export limits

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the preparation of proposals on a grain export limits, following a meeting on the Russian agriculture sector on Monday (August 3), according to the government'...

Analysis: Why did the TPP talks fail to reach a conclusion?

High-level negotiations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) ended in Hawaii last week (August 1) without resolution on several contentious agricultural issues, with deep divisions on dairy and sugar trade stil...

Russia accuses Auchan over adulterated meat products

French hypermarket Auchan is the latest foreign-owned company to run into difficulties in Russia, where authorities say they believe a significant amount of meat sold in the group’s Moscow outlets has been adul...

WTO Doha Round deadline missed - so where to now?

The July 31, 2015 deadline in the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Doha Round negotiations has passed without anything resembling the desired work programme for concluding the talks. That this would happen had ...

EU eases burden on meat industry with new BSE rules

New EU rules on bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) enter into force this week, allowing more products to enter the food and feed chain – but only in those countries deemed at lowest risk from the disease.

Commission predicts 3-year low for EU maize output

The European Commission has trimmed nearly three million tonnes from its forecast for the EU maize harvest in 2015/16, pushing production down to its ...

Rural development plans for Italian and Spanish regions adopted

The European Commission has approved two more 2014-2020 CAP rural development programmes (RDPs), for Italy’s Trento region and Spain’s Asturias region...

Depressing month leaves grain bulls’ hopes pinned on WASDE

Lingering heat and/or drought concerns in Europe and Canada, the still brisk debate over US maize and soya plantings and mixed yield potential failed ...

Ukraine braces for loss of Russian pigmeat market

Ukrainian pigmeat exporters are bracing themselves for the likely closure of the Russian market following the discovery of African Swine Fever (ASF) o...

IARC releases glyphosate ‘monograph’ - EFSA to review

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has now published its full report – its monograph – to back up its claim that the herbicide gly...

US feed industry faces ‘crisis’ as FDA moves to increase oversight

As the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) moves forward with increased oversight of animal feed ingredients – a process that could outlaw the use o...

Russia costs up crop damage from drought

Damage to crops as a result of drought in Russia this year has cost around 7 billion rubles (€102 million), according to government estimates – as far...

Five things you need to know this week... July 31

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days.

Analysis: Dairy and sugar still TTP sticking points

Sensitive farm products such as dairy and sugar remain the key agricultural issues holding up agreement on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as talks between the 12 nations involved continue in Hawaii...

Five things you need to know this week... July 31

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days.


EU agriculture policy diary: the week ahead (August 3-7)

A new EU compensation scheme for fruit and vegetable producers suffering from the effects of Russia’s import ban should come into force in the week commencing August 3.

Updated CAP Monitor looks at the changes coming for 2014-2020

CAP Monitor is now fully revised and updated, offering a full section-by-section guide to the new CAP for 2014-2020

First case of Xylella fastidiosa detected outside of Italy

A first case of the plant bacterium ‘Xylella fastidiosa’ detected outside of Italy has been confirmed in Corsica, France.

NZ divided over antibiotic goal for livestock

Veterinarians in New Zealand say they believe antibiotic usage in animals can be eliminated within the next fifteen years, but farmers and pharmaceutical companies are not so sure.

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