Animal health

A report calling for changes to proposed legislation on animal health gained overwhelming approval from MEPs in Strasbourg on Tuesday (April 15), although specific amendments on cloned animals, animal transport and sheep EID were rejected.

MEPs reject overhaul of EU plant import rules

EU plant import rules MEPs have voted down a proposed overhaul of EU rules on the import of plants and plant products, after opponents warned it could spark retaliatory measures from trade partners.

Parliament adopts position on revising EU food chain controls

The European Parliament has adopted its position on a proposal to tighten official controls in the EU agri-food supply chain, but will now have to agree on the revision with member state governments.

EU sugar market will be 'key driver' of world prices

Sugar beet field The EU sugar market will join Brazil as one of the key drivers for world prices for the commodity after production quotas are abandoned in 2017, according to broker Marex Spectron.

No change to EU rules on dairy quota fines in 2014/15

The rules of the EU’s milk quota regime, including surplus fines, will apply for the whole of the 2014/15 production campaign even though quotas will end in March 2015, the Council’s legal service has said.

Analysis: Fresh curbs proposed on high-frequency trading

Trading floors have become much faster, more mechanised and sophisticated over recent years, but these developments have led to increased concern that human control over pricing is slipping away, with some grai...

EU strategy on invasive species approved by MEPs

The European Parliament has approved new measures to try and stop invasive alien plants, animals and insects getting into the EU and limit the ecologi...

Mercosur offer on EU trade agreement by 'end of April'

A Mercosur offer on a wide-ranging free trade agreement is likely to be made to the EU before the end of April, according to the Argentine cabinet chi...

New EU agri-food promotion policy approved by Parliament

The European Parliament has approved a revision of EU strategies and rules on promoting agri-food products, both inside and outside the bloc, from Dec...

Sheep EID derogation falls at final hurdle

MEPs have rejected an an amendment to proposed Animal Health legislation, which would have allowed for important derogations to Electronic Identificat...

Three new agri-food products get EU protection

Three new products have been given protection under the EU’s agri-food quality scheme, the European Commission has announced.

Simplify EU aid for fruit and vegetable producers - Council

The EU should try to enhance organisation in the fruit and vegetables sector by simplifying existing support tools and administrative burdens for prod...

Analysis: Rising man-made carbon emissions need urgent mitigation measures

Man-made carbon emissions have continued to climb since 1970, with their intensity growing in strength from the turn of the century, according to a ne...

Conditions improve for US wheat, maize in Brazil/South Africa

Rains are improving moisture for wheat in the US Midwest and former Soviet Union, but dryness will continue to stress wheat in parts of north central Europe.

2014-2020 CAP reform: Still not a done deal!

The adoption of five EU regulations in December marked the end of a two-year decision-making process on reforming the CAP, yet that was still not the end of the story – as they did not clarify how all...


Cyprus, Latvia denied EU crisis aid for weather-hit farmers

The European Commission has told Cyprus and Latvia they can use CAP Pillar Two (P2) rural development tools to help farmers recover after recent bad weather conditions – but that the situation does no...

Updated CAP Monitor looks at the changes coming for 2014-2020

CAP Monitor is now fully revised and updated, offering a full section-by-section guide to the new CAP for 2014-2020

Clash on funding for EU agri-food promotion schemes

EU policy-makers are trying to finalise a revision of the EU’s policy on promoting agri-food products, but a clash on co-financing rates is threatening agreement, it has emerged.

poultry disease outbreaks

Japan hit by pig and poultry disease outbreaks

Farmers in some of Japan’s biggest pig and poultry producing regions are on high alert following recent disease outbreaks.