The European Parliament’s biggest political group has urged EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan to extend emergency aid schemes in place for farmers due to Russia’s import embargo.

Juncker appoints ex-Commissioner Cioloș as food security adviser

Dacian Cioloș, who served as EU Agriculture Commissioner between 2010 and 2014, has been hired by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as a ‘Special Adviser on Food Security’.

Yield increases to drive cereals expansion to 2024: OECD report

Global cereals production will increase by 14% over the next decade to 2024, according to new forecasts by the OECD, with consumption expected to rise by 13%.

Luxembourg takes over EU Presidency from Latvia

The rotating EU Council Presidency was handed from Latvia to Luxembourg today (July 1), with the second-smallest member state assuming the role for the twelfth time.

Russia strengthens dairy ban, closing lactose-free loophole

Russia is tightening its ban on dairy products from the EU and other key Western suppliers with stricter rules on items that can be brought in under an exemption for lactose-free products.

US maize and soya futures rally on lower than expected stocks

US soybeans and corn (maize) stocks have ballooned from year-ago levels but still missed market forecasts as strong demand ate into supplies, the USDA said on Tuesday (June 30).

EU, China in ‘landmark’ customs agreement, GI pledge

The EU and China have made a “landmark” agreement on customs in order to facilitate trade, which if followed through will lead to a mutual recognition...

Farmers slam EU funding for LatAm sheep industry

Farmers in Britain and France say they are dismayed to see EU funds being used to fund a centre of excellence to drive innovation in the South America...

WTO deal on food security stockholding remains elusive

Key World Trade Organization (WTO) agriculture negotiators remain divided on a long-term agreement on public stockholding for food security in develop...

Commission approves Irish/French meat merger

The European Commission has approved a deal giving Irish meat processor Dawn Meats joint control over French beef company Elivia.

EU well-placed for precision farming advances - Commissioner

Innovation has allowed EU farmers to progressively improve productivity, food security, safety and quality in recent years, but communication between ...

EU white sugar prices steady as stocks rise

Average EU prices for quota white sugar fell by €2 per tonne in April from March but the figures released by the European Commission appear to confirm...

Russia draws in Asian meat and dairy investors

Asian investors are ramping up their interest in the Russian meat and dairy sectors with two more large-scale projects announced over the past few day...

Five things you need to know this week (June 26)

The biggest stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days.

Comment: Risk of mycotoxin contamination in crops grows with climate change

Professor Naresh Magan and Dr Angel Medina Vaya of the Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute discuss the research they have been undertaking on the potential spread of fungal diseases as a result of c...

Five things you need to know this week (June 26)

The biggest stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days.


French ‘national framework’ for CAP rural development adopted

The European Commission has approved France’s National Framework (NF) for rural development for 2014-2020, clearing the path for the adoption of 21 regional programmes, it announced today (June 30).

Updated CAP Monitor looks at the changes coming for 2014-2020

CAP Monitor is now fully revised and updated, offering a full section-by-section guide to the new CAP for 2014-2020

Grain & Oilseed Trade Focus: Funds caught on wrong side of grain ‘weather market’

Funds and other short sellers scrambled to cover their exposed positions in the week ending June 26 as a burgeoning list of global crop weather issues threatened to trim more bushels off assumed grain...

China aims to reduce maize planting next season

China will encourage corn (maize) farmers to reduce plantings next year in an effort to lower record high government stocks of the grain, the country agriculture minister has said.

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