With thousands of European farmers demonstrating outside the building, EU agriculture ministers and the Commission are going to have to announce at least some immediate support measures for struggling producers at the emergency Farm Council on Monday (Septembe...

EU agriculture policy diary: the week ahead (September 7-11)

All eyes in EU farming circles will be on the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels on Monday (September 7), where agriculture ministers will hold an emergency Farm Council – outside which thousands of protesting...

Analysis: Why post-quota German milk growth has slowed

German milk production was expected to take off after the end of EU production quotas. But production is currently down year-on-year.

Long term meat trends stacked against medium term recovery

Having instigated September 7’s extraordinary meeting of EU farm ministers, what exactly is France expecting to get out of the day’s proceedings?

Parliament agriculture committee demands GMO proposal rejection

The European Parliament’s agriculture and rural development committee (ComAgri) has called for a controversial proposal to allow individual member states to ban EU-authorised GMO imports to be rejected.

Brussels Protests: So what exactly do the farmers want?

Farming umbrella group Copa-Cogeca says up to 5,000 agricultural workers and 1,000 tractors from across EU will meet in Brussels next week for a mass protest over the so-called ‘Crise Agricole’. But what are th...

US opens market for Lithuanian imports of meat, meat products

The US is to open its market to imports of beef, pigmeat, sheep and goat meat and derived products from Lithuania, 11 years after the country’s initia...

EU wheat export licences continue to slow

EU soft wheat licences continue to slow with the total amount awarded in the week ending September 2 falling to 190,000 tonnes compared with 277,000t ...

Opinion: EU ministers should increase dairy ‘safety net’ price

When EU agriculture ministers convene for an ‘extraordinary’ Farm Council meeting on September 7, they will be met by hundreds of farmers protesting o...

‘Hot Water Treatment’ can combat plant disease - EFSA

So-called ‘Hot Water Treatment’ is a reliable method for controlling the damaging bacterium Xylella fastidiosa in dormant grapevine planting material,...

Russia not changing wheat export tax, says agriculture minister

The Russian government has revealed that it has no plans to change its wheat export tax mechanism which is currently impacting the country’s export nu...

El Niño in 2015/16 could be one of strongest on record

The El Niño weather phenomenon is expected to strengthen before the end of 2015 and be the strongest since at least 1997/98, the World Meteorological ...

Commission says EFSA justified in keeping glyphosate report under wraps

The European Commission has defended the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) decision not to release the final version of its assessment report on...

Five things you need to know this week… September 4

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days.

Analysis: EU sugar production could slump to 45-year low

Output of sugar in the European Union will drop to 15.1 million tonnes in the forthcoming marketing year, down 4.2mt from 2014/15, according to the first estimate for the season from Agra Europe’s sis...

Five things you need to know this week… September 4

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website in the past seven days.


Belgian dairy, pig farmers to receive emergency domestic aid

Belgian food supply chain operators have agreed on a set of emergency support measures for struggling farmers in the country – notably direct financial aid to dairy and pigmeat producers for six month...

Updated CAP Monitor looks at the changes coming for 2014-2020

CAP Monitor is now fully revised and updated, offering a full section-by-section guide to the new CAP for 2014-2020

Trade Focus: Crop markets fend off China turmoil to face harvest pressure

While mostly down again last week, crop futures appeared to be taking a less fraught view of China’s economic turmoil – even the China-tied soya market, which clambered off early 6½-year lows, as the ...

Argentina prepares to resume beef export to US

Argentina says it will resume sales of beef to the US after the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled in its favour in a dispute over export restrictions imposed by the US following an outbreak of bovi...

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