EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan is open to the possibility of reforming the CAP once more in 2017, with a ‘mid-term review’ in prospect that year, it has emerged.

Organic review: Talks re-opened on certain elements thought ‘closed’

Member states are still divided on certain elements of the proposed revamp of EU organic sector rules that the Latvian presidency had previously considered “closed”, it has emerged.

WTO report provides optimism on reforming agriculture domestic subsidies

A new report on trends in domestic agricultural support provided by the top ten global traders of farm products prepared by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) gives some reason to be optimistic about the prospe...

Global cereals, meat, sugar prices decreased in February - FAO

Representative world prices for cereals, meat and sugar fell last month, while those for milk and vegetable oils rose, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Trilateral talks with Russia planned on EU-Ukraine trade deal

The EU, Russia and Ukraine are set to hold trilateral talks over Russian concerns on the economic impact of an EU-Ukraine trade agreement.

CAP still failing to address biodiversity loss claims EEA

The EU’s CAP has “not changed sufficiently” over its life to reduce overall biodiversity loss, a new report on the state of the environment in the EU from the European Environment Agency (EEA) has said.

Researchers create genetically modified bTB-resistant cattle

Chinese researchers claim to have created a herd of genetically modified cattle possessing a higher resistance to bovine tuberculosis (bTB).

WHO urges governments to reduce sugar consumption

Countries worldwide should act to cut sugar consumption in both adults and children, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised in a new set of g...

Commission shoots down farm lobby super-levy call

The European Commission has rejected a call for the so-called super-levy fine paid by milk producers to be used for investment support in the dairy se...

Portugal making progress as pigmeat exporter

Portugal continued to make progress as an exporter of pigmeat last year – with higher sales to Venezuela and Angola more than making up for the loss o...

China to boost spending on grain, edible oil reserves

China will spend 154.6 billion yuan (€18.2 billion) in 2015 to boost its reserves of grains, edible oils and "other materials," according to China's M...

McDonald’s moves to curb antibiotic use in chickens

Responding to heightened concerns over antimicrobial resistance, McDonald’s USA has announced it will stop sourcing chickens raised with antibiotics d...

Spanish consumers warned of minced beef loophole

Spanish consumer group, the OCU, is calling for stricter controls on minced beef after its own tests found products often contain high levels of addit...

Agra Europe's top ten articles for February

The most read articles on the Agra Europe website last month.

Agra Europe's top ten articles for February

The most read articles on the Agra Europe website last month.

Agra Europe's top ten articles for February

The most read articles on the Agra Europe website last month.


Fruit and veg POs faced with ‘legal uncertainty’ - report

Legal uncertainty is the most significant problem facing national authorities and producer organisations (POs) in the EU’s fruit and vegetable sector, according to a new report.

Updated CAP Monitor looks at the changes coming for 2014-2020

CAP Monitor is now fully revised and updated, offering a full section-by-section guide to the new CAP for 2014-2020

Trade Focus: Reliable supplier image helps extend US grain export season

US grain and oilseed markets continued to head off bearish supply pressures as maize and soya export sales extended counter-seasonal strength – offering spillover support to a less active wheat market...

WTO backs Argentina in US beef ban dispute - report

A World Trade Organisation (WTO) panel has reportedly sided with Argentina in a dispute over US beef import restrictions - a decision which if confirmed, could end up favouring another South American ...