While the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has seemingly been receiving the most attention in the European media, it is just one of the numerous bilateral and global trade agreements that are currently being negotiated by the EU a...

EU fund to help SMEs in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova boost exports

The European Commission will give Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova €200 million in the coming ten years for investments in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to help increase their exports to the EU.

UK agrifood sector faces uncertain future as EU exit poll looms

With the UK Conservative Party now commanding a clear majority in the UK legislature a referendum on the country’s future in Europe is now a virtual certainty. It also seems increasingly likely that the referen...

EU dairy exporters re-double efforts to overcome embargo losses

European cheesemakers are still taking a hit from the Russian trade embargo – but while overall EU earnings are down -17% year-on-year in the first three months of 2015, the forward trend is encouraging.

Commission presents plans for ‘better’ and more transparent EU regulation

The European Commission has put forward proposals for “better” EU law-making, aiming to make decision-making more open, improve the quality of new laws and carry out “constant and consistent” reviews of existin...

Mandatory COOL for dairy, minor meat, other products not worth it - Commission

The costs of introducing mandatory origin labelling for dairy products, “minor” meats and unprocessed foods, single ingredient products and ingredients making up more than 50% of a food would likely outweigh th...

EU wheat and barley export licences continue to shine

EU soft wheat export licences reached 647,000 tonnes for the week ended May 20, pushing total licences awarded for the 2014/15 marketing season past 2...

House Agriculture Committee approves COOL repeal bill

By a vote of 38-6, the US House Agriculture Committee approved legislation Wednesday (May 20) that would repeal country of origin labeling for beef, p...

'Moderate' El Niño expected for western hemisphere grains

The El Niño event pegged for this year is likely to oscillate between “weak and moderate” with the US expected to escape unscathed, according to speak...

MEPs call for more EU action on plant diseases

The European Parliament has welcomed stricter EU import measures on plant imports, aimed at stopping the spread of the ‘Xylella fastidiosa’ bacteria, ...

UK farming group applies for rapeseed neonicotinoid exemption

The UK’s National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has requested an emergency use exemption from an EU-wide ban on certain neonicotinoid seed treatments after rep...

EU Court vindicates Commission in feed cartel case

A French feed company found guilty of involvement in a price fixing cartel in 2010 has lost out in its bid to challenge the near €60 million fine hand...

Biosecurity plea as avian flu threat evolves

With no sign of a let-up in the spread of avian flu, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has warned the virus could start spreading in new ...

Five things you need to know this week (May 15)

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website this week.

Trade Focus: Wheat weather jitters trigger fund profit grab

Wheat markets sprang unexpectedly to life in the latter part of last week as funds cashed in some of their highly-profitable short sales in the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) futures market, reportedly...

Five things you need to know this week (May 15)

The biggest news stories on the Agra Europe website this week.


Farming a key pressure on EU land ecosystems - ‘State of Nature’ report

Modification of crop cultivation practices, livestock grazing, fertilisation and pesticides are among the top threats to terrestrial ecosystems in the EU, the European Commission has warned.

Updated CAP Monitor looks at the changes coming for 2014-2020

CAP Monitor is now fully revised and updated, offering a full section-by-section guide to the new CAP for 2014-2020

Farm Council: Slovenia proposes UN ‘World Bee Day’

Slovenia is set to propose to the United Nations (UN) that May 20 be designated ‘World Bee Day’.

HKScan boosts feed supply with ethanol byproduct deal

Nordic meat company HKScan is to strengthen its feed business in Sweden through a new agreement giving it access to large volumes of ethanol byproducts.